Commercial, Marine & Technical Consulting

With our wealth of resources, Hellespont is highly responsive to our clients’ needs, helping you make the right decisions, reduce costs and ensuring you get the highest standard of service at the best price. We have a strong track record for making vessels and yards work smarter.

We do this by:

–          Inspections (techinal and nautical)

–          Advice on vessel selection

–          Newbuilding contract (specification, evaluation, negotiation) –

–          Yard selection

–          Sea trail attendance

–          Buyer’s inspections

–          Repair specification / Repair contract negotiation

–          Dry docking supervision

–          Pre-vetting inspection

We protect the interests of our customers in the sale or purchase of vessels and the negotiation of charter parties or employment arrangements. Our close relationships to end users, operators and brokers mean we can find optimal solutions for ships and transportation requirements worldwide.