Construction supervision

The newbuilding department and dedicated site teams at Hellespont have over 30 years of experience during which they have supervised the construction and delivery of over 43 vessels at shipyards all over the world.

Hellespont provides all aspects of consturction supervision commencing with shipyard selection and evaluation of the design. After the successful delivery of the vessel the team continues to monitor vessel performance and follow up with any guarantee claims. While requirements vary from project to project, the scope of newbuilding supervision can be broadly categorized into the following stages

–          Project Evaluation

–          Specification and Contract evaluation, Makers selection

–          Drawing approval

–          Project supervision and reporting

–          Shop test inspections

–          Sea Trials/Delivery

–          Guarantee Claims Handling

Drawing Approval, Makers selection and overall supervision of projects is carried out by a dedicated Newbuilding Department. Site Teams are established at the shipyard from steel cutting to delivery with every step being closely monitored to ensure the delivery of a quality vessel. The Site Teams consist of experienced supervisors under the management of a Site Office Manager who is the point of contact for all communications and reporting.

We ensure rigorous construction supervision that delivers our customers high quality ships out of yards.