Mission Statement and Code of Ethics and Conduct

To provide safe, reliable and efficient marine transportation services.
To maintain and operate our customer’s ships to the highest standards.
To continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our services to our clients.
To conduct ourselves with integrity and to deal fairly.
We comply with laws and regulations and avoid and report conflicts of interest. This includes:
* confidentiality of intellectual property, employee, customer and supplier information.
* no bribes  or  non-token  gifts  shall  be  made to suppliers, customers or officials.
* make transparent accurate accounts and financial reports.
* comply with anti-trust rules.
* legitimate use and protection of Company assets including cybersecurity precautions.
* legally valid inspections of Company systems with no expectation of privacy.
* no one will comment or speculate  about  the  Company – refer queries to spokespersons.
To make every effort to protect the health and safety of all employees and the public.
To protect the environment and to improve energy performance – both ashore and onboard.
Legal compliance requires Company drug and/or alcohol testing.
To ensure that no task or objective is so important that a employee shall violate the law, safe working practices or risk personal injury or illness.
To treat everyone with respect. Discrimination and harassment is not tolerated.
To improve  our  safety  management  skills  ashore  and   onboard,  especially  those  of emergency  preparedness. Our goal is zero spills, accidents and incidents.
To monitor and measure compliance with the above and to continually strive to improve.

The  Company’s  management  requires  that its MISSION STATEMENT and CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT  with  its  goals  and  objectives  is communicated,  understood and  striven  for  by all Employees both onboard and ashore.

The Company documents and controls its  compliance  with  the  above
through  its  Quality: Safety and Security System (SSMS) which meets the  requirements, objectives and  targets  of  IMO’s  ISM,  ISPS, MLC/ILO,   SOLAS   and   the  ISO’s  9001 standards (9001:2015), 14001(14001:2015)  and  strives  to  meet  the  energy objectives  of  ISO 50000 in the operations of its ships.
Compliance with Company Policies and its SSMS is mandatory for staff.


The Company’s commitment to Quality, Safety, Security and Protection of the Environment
ensure that we take every measure to protect the health, safety and security of employees and
subcontractors as well as to preserve the environment/energy through the promotion of measures
to minimize environmental impacts include energy saving measures. The Company will actively
promote compliance with ISM, ISPS and environment protection. It will, where possible, go
beyond these codes by earlier or more thorough or improved implementation of their measures
and by attempting to reduce its environmental and energy footprints.

The Company will comply with relevant legislation and encourage initiatives for protecting the
health, safety, security and environment of those affected by its activities by:
(a)     seeking to avoid harm from its operations and those of contractors acting upon its behalf.
(b)     implementing measures to prevent harm from the activities of others – malicious or otherwise. This includes cybersecurity.
(c)     communicating and involving employees and contractors in the implementation of this policy.
(d)    affirming that accidents can be prevented and promoting the highest standards of safety.
(e)    acknowledging that security threats must be considered and mitigated through security measures including cybersecurity.
(f)     monitoring and reviewing health, safety, security and environmental performance via the SSMS.
(g)    communicating safety, security matters and environmental and energy awareness within the SSMS.
(h)    compliance with the regulations, codes, guides and standards within the SSMS.
(i)     training to enhance safety, security, environmental awareness, and management skills throughout the Company, ashore and on board.
(j)    use of hazard identification, appropriate risk assessment procedures and controls to ensure proper mitigation of risk in all activities
[ISM] including environmental impacts.

The SSMS contains health, safety, security and environmental/energy objectives within shore and
on board procedures.
The SSMS has the support of the Company’s management. Senior management is responsible
for the control and maintenance of the SSMS. The MD is responsible for ensuring that senior
management and the ISM_DPA and CSO perform this duty.